About Me

I fell in love with wedding photography soon after I got engaged. That was it, I was hooked. It was the beginning of lengthy obsession of all things wedding-y!

That was back in 2008, but I still get all tingly when I arrive at a bride-to-be's house on the morning of her wedding and delight myself in all the glorious little wedding details that took so much thoughtful consideration.


Three kids later, I naturally progressed to newborn photography. A new baby is such a precious gift & I am blessed to be working with them on a daily basis. I was fortunate enough to have learned from the best; I worked with Ireland's leading school photographers, County Photos, for over four years and just loved working with the tiniest of people! 

My Style of Photography

Despite their nature being very different, my style of wedding and baby photography is suprisingly similiar- I try to keep things relaxed and simple, using natural light whenever possible.


With weddings, I tend to stand in the background and stay as invisible as I can, letting the day unfold naturally and documenting it through my camera. My images tell the story. 


Pureness in newborn photography is something I try to retain, and I like to keep all materials natural, with no fussiness. I wont be dressing your baby up in fancy accessories or outfits (and I do not do 'cake smash'!)- a simple knitted wrap is as far as I go to protect babies modesty (if needed at all!).



I'm your typical Irish woman- I despise looking at photos of myself! 

I'm not wearing makeup in this profile photo, my hair is a mess and it's not photoshopped.


But I'm so proud of it because it was the second EVER photo my five year old daughter Ciara took with an SLR camera (the first was an age appropriate blurry mess!).

A good image should tell a story, and this one tells the story about me.

It's who I am, and as raw as it gets!



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Elaine Lally, Ardsallagh, Athlone Rd, Roscommon, Co. Roscommon

087 2118110